In this article, we are going to discuss the reset option for the old version of the Google smart speaker- Google Home Mini. In this article, we are going to discuss how to link your Google Home Mini with your mobile or the smart TV. The things required for this process to set up are the problems a consumer might face while resetting the Google Home Mini and how the consumer can come out of that problem. 

How to reset or simply factory reset a Google Home Mini?

A factory reset will delete all the preloaded items whether it is the conversations or the instructions given or the electronic gadgets or devices that were connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and will turn it into its default factory settings. 

On the bottom of the Google Home Mini that is just below the power cord, press the factory reset button. After 5 seconds the reset process will start. Throughout this process, you must hold onto the button. Continue to hold it for another 10 seconds or till the device confirms about the device has moved to the mode of resettingYou can’t reset the device using the Google Home App or Google Assistant. You have to reset it only by using the button inbuilt into the device.

How to set up Google Home Mini through your phone?

Things required-

The latest version of the Google app. The latest version of the Google Home app. A Google account. The mobile through which it will get connected should be of Android 8. 0 or later. The mobile should be able to work with a Wi-Fi connection of 2. 4 GHz or 5 GHz. Bluetooth should be turned on always. An unlimited internet connection.


Plug in the speakerOpen Google Home App. Tap add icon > click on set up device > new device. Connect it with your phone and use it accordingly

Troubleshoot issues one can come across while resetting the device to its original and default state-

When the speaker does not answer back when you say “ Hey Google”When your speaker does not make any sound while you are attempting to factory reset your device.

The ways to solve these troubleshoot issues while resetting it

Unplug the power plug from the speaker or the power socket. Wait for 10 seconds. Plug it back. Wait till all the four lights start up. Repeat this step 10 times. After plugging the power cord back for the final round wait for the device to start its resetting process. Once the resetting process starts the device will automatically make an announcement informing “welcome to Google Home. To get started download the Google Home App on your phone or tablet” to make you know that the device is ready to set up.

How to setup Google home mini with a smart TV?

Things you need-

ChromecastChromecast ultra TV with Chromecast built-in


Your mobile or your tablet should be connected to the same Wi-Fi and the same Google account in your Chromecast as in your smart TV. Open the Google Home app. Click on the add icon, then click on the setup device icon, then click on the new device icon, select the device you want to set up, and then click on the next icon. A code will be given and it should be matching with your mobile. Tap the Wi-Fi you are connecting to. Then click on next. Choose whether to receive emails or not and whether to link your mobile’s data with your TV. Then click on next. Then click on continue.


Google Home Mini is a huge investment at a low cost. It functions the same as the android phones like taking or receiving calls, playing music, giving out notifications, and messages, and clearing out the questions you ask all through the brilliant Google assistant. It’s like an imaginary person who answers all your questions and fulfills your minor demands. Great for those people who stays alone.