Apple’s ResearchKit platform debuted earlier this year alongside iOS 8.2 and has been gaining traction ever since then. Today, LifeMap Solutions, a company taking advantage of ResearchKit, posted the first official entry on Apple’s official ResearchKit blog. In the post, the company discussed its launch of Asthma Health, which was one of the inaugural apps built on ResearchKit.

The goal of Asthma Health is to gain greater insight into what causes the disease and help those who suffer from it live with it and prevent it from worsening. LifeMap Solutions says in the post that the decision to use ResearchKit was an easy one and that it has greatly paid off. For one, the company says that over half of its users of the Asthma Health app complete the e-consent process and come back the very next day to use the app.

LifeMap Solutions says that users are just as engaged with Asthma Health as they are with games and social media. The company believes that the reason for this is users are motivated by the goal of supporting the research of a disease that many people suffer from. The chart below shows the usage of the Asthma Health app by patients. The Monday spikes are due to the app sending a reminder push notification.

In the end, LifeMap Solutions says that ResearchKit has already proven that it will be a “revolutionary” way to conduct scientific medical research: