As we told that a group of researchers from these Universities managed to develop a printer capable of manufacturing human skin that can be used in transplants, cosmetics, etc. In practice, with this printer, it will be possible to replicate the natural structure of the skin. The goal is to produce a skin on a large scale and reduce the costs of creating human skin through biotins, rather than traditional ink cartridges. According to Jose Luis Jorcano, professor of the Bioengineering department of Charles III University of Madrid (UC3M) and responsible for the Biomedical Engineering unit of CINEMAT “This skin can be used in transplants and can also be used for research and testing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The use of biotins accelerates a little time, but not much, because the duration depends on the growth rate of the cells”. In addition to the natural approval of this technology for use in medical centers, researchers are continuing their work in order to be able to print other tissues, including blood vessels and heart valves as well.