Facebook Extends Life

An investigation carried out by sociologists at the University of California, based in San Diego, has found that users of Facebook who use the social network regularly have lengthened their life expectancy. To reach this conclusion sociologists have compared the information gathered from the activity in the social network of more than 12 million users, with the records of the California Department of Public Health. The conclusion reached is that the usual activity in this social network is related to a lower risk of mortality and, therefore, it could lead a longer life expectancy. The truth is that the relationship between a rich social relationship and good health was already known, but what was not known is that this could also happen with Facebook. The research was to compare living individuals and other deceased with the same age and sex, all born between 1945 and 1989. The discovery was that in one year a regular user of Facebook has 12% less likely to die than someone who does not use it.

Do Not Limit Your Social Life To Facebook

However, the authors of the research recognize that this improvement in health occurs when you combine Facebook activity with face-to-face meetings, without taking extreme durations navigation on Facebook. But, intensive use of Facebook could be harmful to our health, because we keep too much time away from real life. To determine the activity that users had taken into account the number of photos uploaded, status updates, the number of friends, messages sent and the time spent on the social network. In this way, they saw that those with small social networks lived less than those who had many followers and interactions. In addition, those who accepted almost all friend requests were most lived. According to the researchers, there could be a link between being popular on Facebook, have greater emotional and physical well-being meet more years.