The Google Pixel 2 is an exclusive via Verizon (among major carriers) in the U.S. A new report by BayStreet Research finds that the sales of the smartphone improved somewhat towards the end of 2017. However, the report noted that the numbers weren’t close to what was seen with the predecessor during the same period in 2016. It is said that Google “pulled all the right levers” with the marketing team at Verizon to ensure more units were sold during the end of 2017. This included instructions for employees and managers, and having them carry the device in person. This in addition to massive discounts as well as commercials by “Silicon Valley” star Thomas Middleditch meant that more people knew about the Pixel 2. However, the issues that surfaced shortly after its release didn’t help Google’s cause a great deal. While Google was quick to fix the bugs in November, the impact of the issues were clearly evident leading up to the holiday season. Keeping this in mind, it has taken a great deal of effort from Google and Verizon to turn things around. While the numbers weren’t as flattering as Google would have liked, it was revealed that the Pixel 2 topped the device activations chart on Christmas weekend, leaving behind the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 in the process.