So my friend Rafael from Within Windows has created a site called Hotfixr, which has only one purpose: helping you get access to that hidden form.

Using Hotfixr to Access the Hidden Form

For example, we’ll take a look at this KB article about a hotfix for SQL Server.

When you start looking for where to download the file, you are greeted with a message that says “To obtain this feature immediately, contact Microsoft Customer Support Services”.

If you just copy the KB number to the clipboard (usually found in the little box on the upper right)

Then you can paste it into Hotfixr’s textbox…

And you’ll be taken to the super secret hidden form on Microsoft’s site where you can directly request the hotfix:

You’ll still have to put in your email address and submit the request, but it saves you from having to contact the support services.

In case you are wondering, all the hotfixr site really does is submit a form that redirects you to this Microsoft page, replacing ID with the number that you put in.

But it still saves you an extra step, probably worth bookmarking if you do a lot of maintenance on Microsoft products.

Hotfixr – Get your fix today!