This request can be possible if you have a specific driver in mind and have his contacts. What you need to do is to call him for a ride personally, if he’s free and far, he will just go off Uber radar, drive within your location and come back on the radar.

When he is on Uber’s radar, you can request a ride and the Uber app will start searching for available Uber drivers within your location, the app will allow your desired driver to be found and matched with you. But this particular action, if continuous, will be suspected by Uber company, due to the constant contact with you and a particular driver.

The Uber company may flag you and the driver for fraud. But this frequent request and activities will not be possible in some areas, like the airports. Uber algorithm is on a first-come, first-served basis.

How Does An Uber Driver Request Work?

To order an Uber ride, all you need is to download the Uber app from your Android play store or Apple Store. Register with your name and email, then request a ride, type in your location and destination, and the app will search for your location and the estimated charge to be paid

The available Uber cars and drivers within will be displayed, if you are satisfied, with your request, if not, you cancel the request.The main Uber app can not match a rider with a favorite driver, rather when a rider requests a ride, your Uber app will send your request to a nearby Uber driver to come and pick you up at your location.

 Unless your favorite driver is within your location. Hurray! You can request your favorite Uber driver right away! We need a particular driver for a ride for many reasons known to us. It could be we love his driving skills, slow and steady.

It could be his sense of humor, his handsome smile, and the kind of lovely fragrance and music that zooms from his car. He has Wi-Fi right in his car that allows you to browse as you ride and now the Uber company with its latest features has made available for its riders to be familiar with their favorite drivers they featured.

The Uber Reserve

The Uber reserve is the latest feature from the Uber company. It allows riders all over the country to request their favorite drivers when they book a ride in advance for 30 days. This can be possible if the drivers are rated 5- stars by their favorite riders.

 Mr. Geof Tam-Scott). Uber’s product manager, according to him, “the Uber reserve helps riders to request their favorite drivers, it connects riders to a familiar face”.

 This was a statement he made during the company’s Uber Reserve roll-out.

 How It works?

Customers are allowed to rate their favorite Uber drivers with five stars by clicking them on the displayed screen. The drivers that are most rated will be on an Uber Reserve page and be the first to call for a favorite ride from their customers.

Other features In Uber Reserve

Uber knows that time is a necessary factor, so they developed a means to add value to their customer’s time by giving them $50 in Uber cash.

How It works?

For customers who book their trip 2 hours in advance, Uber will make them wait for 15 minutes for their favorite drivers to show up. If the favorite driver doesn’t show up at the stipulated time, the rider will get $50 in Uber cash.

Another benefit for those in the Uber Reserve is that they will be given the fare upfront. This statement was made by the company when it was about to display the Uber Reserve vehicles roll out.

The vehicles For The Uber Reserve are

Uber Black and Black SUV.

The company also mentioned the following states in which these features and cars will be. So if you are in these cities, get ready to get your favorite Uber driver to give you that ride that made you want to request for them on and on.

 The following states are;

AustinAtlantaCharlotteChicagoCharleston DallasDenverDC NaplesOrlandoNew York CityNew OrleansNew JerseyNashvilleMiamiHoustonLas VegasPhiladelphiaPhoenix andSeattle.

In conclusion

Requesting for a personal Uber driver is never a bad idea, this is because everyone wants to be with those that they feel make them comfortable and safe. Safety first, and doing it properly is safer.

And that safety is what the Uber company wants for its customers, the company wants the safety and the comfort of their riders, that’s why they came up with these features with their Uber Reserve. This feature wants to know why a driver is someone’s favorite driver.

How do I qualify for a ride from my favorite Uber driver?

Answer– All you need to do is to book a trip in advance up to 30 days in the Uber Reserve and rate your favorite driver with a five-star, if being picked at the end of the rating, then be sure to have him ride you any time you request.

Won’t it cost much?

Answer– Uber’s charges have been on location and distance.