We’re hearing reports that Apple Stores may have more iPhone X stock than expected for walk-in customers. One of our own store contacts said that those in the queue at store opening looked set to get one, while an unconfirmed tip indicated that London stores have 500-1000 models each …

With all the signs pointing to extremely constrained supplies, it had been expected that Apple might have only token numbers of phones available for walk-in customers, with most reserved for in-store pickup. However, it seems this may not be the case.

We’ll have better indications later in the day, when we get reports from queuing customers and find out how many were successful.

While cynics might suggest that Apple over-played talk of shortages to be ready to explain any disappointing sales numbers, Apple’s holiday quarter guidance dispels that idea: the company is projecting all-time record sales. Tim Cook yesterday said that production was improving ‘week by week,’ something which has been reflected in reducing wait times for online orders – so this is clearly all about supply, not demand.

Supply in one particular store might be more constrained, however, after thieves stole more than 300 iPhone X models from a UPS truck right outside a San Francisco store …

I just wandered into #Basingstoke #festivalplace Apple Store and bagged an X within 10 minutes. No pre order.

— Ben Harraway (@BenLumenDigital) November 3, 2017