According to a new report by CompareMyMobile, nearly 38% of the customers who upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone recently were iPhone users. The numbers suggest that they saw a 210% rise in iPhone 4s trade-ins and a 184% increase in the trade-in percentage of the current Apple flagship, the iPhone 5s. While this figure fails to give out the exact sales figures, it certainly indicates that a fair bit of iPhone users have switched over to the Samsung camp. It’s understandable to find this many iPhone 4s trade-ins as the device is over two years old now, but the number of iPhone 5s customers trading in their device has certainly come as a surprise to us. The report further says that Samsung Galaxy S3 trade-ins bumped by 196%, so it’s certainly not an iPhone only thing. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has certainly caught the world’s attention thanks to the company’s vast presence in global markets coupled by the aggressive marketing following the launch of every new flagship. So it’s was quite expected to see a large number of users being attracted by the latest Samsung device and trading in their old one.