There are some reports of audio cutouts and other problems when using the iPhone 11 with wireless CarPlay. Many of these relate to the BMW-made Mini, but others say the same thing is happening with the BMW Series 1 as well as Nissan and Honda models…

An Apple Support Community thread runs to 13 pages.

The first reports date back to October of last year, with many of those affected saying it remains unresolved – though there is one suggestion that a fix is in hand.


I have been having the same issue with my 2019 BMW X1. I ran through the same steps that you did in which you restored your phone and basically made it a new phone and an empty shell, and still nothing. I have also updated my firmware in the car to see if anything from that would have worked and no such luck. I have connected an iPhone X running iOS 13 and everything runs smoothly. I also went back to the apple store and exchanged my iPhone 11 Pro Max with another iPhone 11 Pro Max and still no luck. I am getting skipping of music every few seconds and if I try to make a call it goes from CarPlay to my phone.

Having the same problem after upgrading to an 11ProMax on my 2016. Honda Accord. Songs just randomly skip. Super annoying. It worked fine with my IPhone 6S.

I have the same issue with my Nissan, I try restarting my phone, I trying forgetting the device on the CarPlay settings and nothing

I drive a mini and in the beta of ios 13.3.1 beta 2 it is finally fixed. No more problems with outages or strange things here.

— Mike (@ZH_beveiliger) January 22, 2020

Some users say that Apple support has acknowledged it as a known issue, though there has been no official word. We have reached out to Apple and will update with any response.

Aftermarket CarPlay screens are getting bigger. Alpine recently announced an iPad Pro-sized unit, with a similar 10.1-inch model from Pioneer.

If you’re using the iPhone 11 with wireless CarPlay, have you experienced any glitches? Please take our poll and share the details in the comments. Please note that the poll is specifically for those using wireless CarPlay with an iPhone 11/Pro/Max.