Some organizations do use auto-dialing software to transmit someinformation to their customers which are  legal but some are not like that. It’s one of the most prevalent telemarketers and fraudster tactics.  

Things to be done with Robocalls

If you receive a robocall that is kind of illegal, it will be highly proper for you to report it to the FTC or the National Do Not Call service. Reporting a robo call is not complicated at all and just need you to take a simple action. In this article, we will deal with how to report and how to stop these Robocalls 

Reporting a Robocalls

When you report a Robo caller, you’re not only preventing them from bothering you again, but you’re also preventing them from bothering others. Mostly, you are to send all your phone call lists to the FTC National Do Not Call Registry as it helps to track the number and block it. Some businesses like political parties and charity organizations are permitted to make robocalls under the law. 

Before Filing a Complaint

Note that

FTC office does not get engaged in situations that are scheduled to be in a court of law or that have already been closed by the appropriate authorities. Please be aware that any papers you provide us may become a public record. You can reach a member of our Consumer Protection Team if you need assistance.

After Filing A Complaint

The FTC Share these numbers with the telecom sector so that they can look into the calls that are causing problems for their customers and help law enforcement find the bad guys. The agency can investigate whether these businesses and people are breaking the law by making these calls once we know who is making them. If they are, we can take legal action against them and urge the courts to prevent them from conducting business in our state.

Things to be done after getting a robocall

If you get a spam robocall, the best thing you can do is ignore it. If you answer the phone, the scammers will consider your number ‘good,’ even if you don’t fall for the deception. They’ll attempt again because they know someone on the other end could be a fraud victim. The challenge is determining when a call is a robocall and whether it is a spam robocall. Spoofing calls have become more widespread in recent years.  Spoofing is frequently done to imitate the name of a real company or person. In this kind of situation when you picked such calls and realize it is not a proper call, just don’t interact too much with them so they won’t get much information about you. You can assist the FTC in tracking down the scammers behind the call by reporting the number that displays on your caller ID. Every working day, the FTC exposes the phone numbers you report to the public. This aids phone companies and other partners who are developing call-blocking software.  When you see an unknown caller ID, proceed with care. If a company contacts you, you can decline. The procedure for blocking spam calls on Android is similar to that for blocking spam calls on iPhone so you can try out that method.


Robocalls are now more rampant in the world. It leads people to victims of scams. In this article, there are ways to handle Robocalls and it has been explained in this article.

Also, it will be highly appreciated to report Robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission as it will not just be of help to you but also the society at large as it will help to stop them from making other victims 

Whenever you get a robocall, it will be advisable to just ignore it and not interact with them again or block them permanently. To report a robocall, you just have to call customer service at Federal Trade Commission and send your contact list or the number to them.

Question 1 How do I recognize Robocalls?

Contact the Federal Trade center, they have sheets that contain numbers of potential robot calls.

Question 2 How Do I report Robocalls?

Call the Federal Trade center and report the case to them, you can send the phone number to them also.

Question 3 How do I avoid Robocalls?

Ensure you register your phone number at the National Do Not Call service, it will help to avoid Robocalls