This HP QTP tutorial demonstrates the use of function Reporter.ReportEvent and Results Formatting. The tutorial will ask you to develop a script. To maximize your learning, please do complete the scripting exercise.

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You can use Reporter.ReportEvent to report custom test steps in Micro Focus UFT’s test results tree Syntax

Event Status can have values

0 or micPass sends a pass status to test result window 1 or micFail sends a fail status to test result window 2 or micDone sends a message to test result window without affecting the Pass/Fail status 3 or micWarning sends a warning message to the result window

When test cases are executed using automation tools it may be difficult for certain users to understand the test results, You can use results.xml to create an XSL which will present the test results as per your preferences You can use VBScript Library functions to store the results in xls or a text file.