Baier declared his book To Rescue the Republic: Ulysses S. Award, the Fragile Union, and the Crisis of 1876 on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in late 2021.

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Bret Baier Weight Gain Raised Eyebrows-Is He Sick? Bret Baier’s weight gain has caused a stir as fans are concerned assuming he is experiencing any significant ailment.

A decade back when Bret was 42, Bret did a few significant changes in life by shedding right around 50 pounds in 7 months’ time.

Baier would oftentimes appreciate steaks, desserts, cheddar, pizzas, seared food varieties. His wellbeing gradually decayed and was being determined to have elevated cholesterol and a remedy for Crestor was given.

From that point onward, he changed his dietary patterns to remain sound however presently he appears to have restored some extra inches.

It is nothing unexpected that people’s desire for food is past controllable and perhaps he began backsliding on food once more.

Wellbeing Update On Reporter Bret Baier Bret Baier experienced the disease of cholesterol however throughout the long term he has figured out how to return it to normal.

As we as a whole realize elevated cholesterol prompts cardiovascular breakdown, yet Bret’s ailment at this point isn’t openly revealed.

He has put on some weight yet that doesn’t mean he is experiencing some significant medical problems.

He might be worried over some private profound issue which likewise can be the reason for weight gain.

Or on the other hand perhaps he stooped his activity routine to remain fit as of his rushed plan for getting work done.

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Bret Baier Son Paul Baier medical procedure Has He Died? Bret Baier’s child Paul Baier have two or three open-heart medical procedures since he was a child yet he has not died.

At the point when his child was born, Paul had five innate heart surrenders, a condition that influences the construction of a child’s heart and the manner in which it works.

— Variety_TV (@Variety_TV) October 8, 2019

When he was born, an attendant quickly seen the child turning pale and took him back for tests.

At first believing it to be a disease transformed into an extremely perplexing heart issue that expected a medical procedure in the initial not many hours.

Till now the 15-year-old Paul had four open-heart medical procedure which was a 10-hour technique.

The 52-year-old, Bret additionally shares a 12-year-old child, Daniel with his better half Amy.