According to The Information, the launch is planned for the next six to nine months with a tentative list of partners that includes ES, CBS, ABC, with others to come. The price was rumored to be $35 per month, which would be competitive with ayStation Vue (depending on the package you choose) Sling TV. may leverage its massive vault of YouTube content by organizing videos by topic, such as home improvement or documentaries, as a way to account for areas where the service wouldn’t have a more traditional channel. Additionally, the report suggested that some of the motivation for the plan is the pitiful performance of YouTube Red, a $10 per month service that also includes ay Music. It apparently hasn’t taken off, popularity of the original programming for the service is underwhelming.  As with most rumors there’s sure to be more that leaks out before anything becomes official, so we’ll update you should we hear anything else. y this matters: Smart TV is the future of television, (which has unrequited television ambitions) definitely wants a place on your main screen. The drawback to cord cutting for many is the lack of live network television options, particularly with sports news. YouTube seems to have this in mind with its possible partners, so it may be worth a look when this comes to fruition.