A recent study, which the tech giant Microsoft highlighted in a blog post, showed that users prefer Surface over MacBook and other Apple products. The study presented by Creative Strategies, and highlighted by the tech giant Microsoft, reveals how Surface is pleasing consumers and how it is viewed as one of the best machines that can be purchased, delivering productivity and performance. According to the available information, 72% of the users that work with a Surface, are pleased to use it also for their personal life. In the case of the tech giant Apple’s MacBook, that number is reduced to 65%. There is also information that indicates that the tech giant Microsoft’s Surface Pro surpassed the iPad Pro by 11% in preferences when it comes to replacing their laptops with a 2-in-1 device. One possible reason for this preference seems to be the greater satisfaction that the tech giant Microsoft’s Surface users have in being seen using this equipment. More than 77% of respondents said they would be happy to get to their job with a Surface. In the case of the MacBook, only 52% showed that will. The Surface brand is perceived as the one that makes users more productive. Compared to the tech giant Apple’s MacBook, this figure differs by 8 percentage points. Both the more tech-savvy and the less technical users believe in this better surface capability. The tech giant Microsoft finishes its article with a phrase that, of course, it is extremely important to you and to the Surface. The study declares this brand as the only one that can compete with the tech giant Apple. There is also no doubt that in the mind of the consumer, the only brand capable of competing with the tech giant Apple is of course, the tech giant Microsoft’s Surface. The importance of this study, especially for the tech giant Microsoft is obvious. In it, the Surface and the company that creates them are prominent, especially against their direct rival. So, what do you think about this result? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.