Shortly after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year, there was some level of uncertainty over the future of the lineup. But subsequent reports confirmed that the lineup was here to stay, and we’re now getting some details on the arrival of the next big Samsung flagship, otherwise known as the Galaxy Note 8. According to a new report citing a Samsung executive, the Galaxy Note 8 will break cover by the second half of August. This is contradicting multiple reports from reputable sources that pegged an IFA or a mid-September release of the flagship. Some early reports have mentioned the second half of August timeline, although we didn’t have any credible confirmation. While there’s still some uncertainty over the arrival date of the handset, it seems like Samsung will launch it just before IFA 2017 kicks off in Berlin. An early launch will also give Samsung time to demonstrate its wares at the IFA event which will be held between the 1st and 6th of September. There have been reports talking about the unimpressive sales of the Galaxy S8 lineup. Although Samsung, expectedly, has rejected these claims, it seems like the pressure is even higher on the Galaxy Note 8 with the imminent arrival of the Apple iPhone 8. The 10th year iPhone is expected to bring in a wide array of innovations, including a new OLED display and a fingerprint scanner built right into the display.