According to Android lice, wants to make major headway with better battery life RAM usage. l signs point to a developer preview of Android M being announced at I/O  made available shortly after (as was the case with llipop last year), so we could find out more about this soon. ile the Android M preview will be a rough build, we should get an idea of the key features other optimizations that is working on. There aren’t a ton of details about the rumor, only that may be turning an eye toward ay Services, looking for methods to optimize this key app that powers most of the As tools behind Android third-party apps. cation checkins other background features that eat up RAM are also said to be in ’s sights. y this matters: Better battery life is something that seems to elude every smartphone release, with the only marginal improvements coming from larger batteries. took a shot at this in the past with oject Volta, but it didn’t turn out to have as significant an impact as we hoped. If Android M can show improvement in this area, find ways to scale back RAM usage, that would certainly be welcome.