A pair of reports are out today from Opensignal detailing the state of 5G as well as the broader mobile experience in the US. The findings include T-Mobile leading the 5G race when it comes to availability and speed. Meanwhile, Verizon was able to pick up two wins for 5G video experiences and continues to lead the 4G experience.

Opensignal published its 5G User Experience Report and its Mobile Network Experience Report with the studies based on over 2 million devices and 15 billion measurements in the US between September and December 2020. The firm notes how an important shift for 5G was the iPhone 12 lineup that’s making the latest cellular connectivity available to more consumers than ever.

As we’ve seen in the lead up these new reports, Verizon continues to have super fast 5G with its mmWave spectrum but lacks in availability. T-Mobile beat out both Verizon and AT&T with its 5G network for availability, download, and uploads speeds. However, Verizon was able to come out on top for 5G video experiences.

Speficially when it came to 5G availability, T-Mobile users were able to use the latest-gen connection 30.1% of the time. AT&T users saw 5G coverage 18.8%, while Verizon customers had 5G just 9.5% of the time.

For average 5G download speeds, T-Mobile won again with an average of 58.1 Mbps, AT&T came in second with 53.8, with Verizon in last with 47.4.

Even though Verizon does have some small areas where its 5G can hit 500 Mbps and higher, this paints a more clear picture on the speeds you can expect to see in day to day use.

You can check out the full 5G experience report with more details on the nationwide and regional results here.

Opensignal also shared a report on the overall mobile experience in the US which includes 4G. Verizon continued to lead the industry with 4G coverage and tied T-Mobile for the games and availability metrics.

AT&T took the top spot for download speeds, and T-Mobile won best upload speeds.