There is no denying the fact that HTC has been struggling in the fiercely competitive smartphone market. This has led the company to expand beyond its smartphone business by releasing new apps and services for competitive Android devices. Now, if a new report from Bloomberg’s Tim Culpan is to be believed, HTC is soon going to release an active rugged camera à la the GoPro with a slight twist.

Unlike GoPro, HTC’s rugged camera will connect directly to an Android device just like Sony’s QX series of detachable lenses, and feature a 16MP sensor with a wide-angle lens. On the connectivity front, Tim states that the device will come with Bluetooth. He does not mention the presence of Wi-Fi, which seems a bit odd as if this accessory works just like Sony’s QX lens, Wi-Fi connectivity is a must for a true live feed and quick transfer of images to your Android device. The rugged activity camera category is dominated by the extremely popular GoPro cameras, though if HTC manages to strike a perfect balance between price and performance, it may very well have a winner on its hands. HTC is holding a ‘Double Exposure’ event on October 8th, where it is widely believed that the company will be releasing a selfie focused handset. However, it is now very well possible, that the company will unveil its first rugged detachable camera lens at this very event.