A new report offers specs about what should be the bigger of the upcoming pair of Nexus phones to be built in partnership with HTC. 

Quad-core, Qualcomm processor (specific chip not detailed) 5.5-inch quad HD (2560×1440) AMOD display B-C port 12Mrear camera, 8Mfront Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner 4GB of RAM 3450 mAh battery Bottom-facing speakers 32 128GB of storage options Bluetooth 4.2

In essence, the specs are very similar to the “Sailfish model” with the exception of the screen size, battery, resolution (5-inch 1080p screen, 2770 mAh battery for the smaller model).  th detailed specs this early, we’re bound to see some leaks at some point before makes an official announcement. So stay tuned as the rumor mill gets churning. y this matters: For Android purists, Nexus phones are the enshrinement of smartphone perfection. No carrier or manufacturer bloatware, updates directly from , no carrier lock-in. HTC has a reputation for making good hardware, though the camera capability hasn’t been as impressive compared to other OEMs. That could be the key differentiator as to whether these Nexus phones will be worth an upgrade or if you should look around elsewhere.