If you are a Verizon customer, this article will aim at giving you the answer on how to report a spam text to Verizon if you receive one and decide to act on it. Verizon is committed to fighting spam texts and has devised a solution for this. 

This is how you can report spam text to Verizon: 

Send a plain text to Verizon – If you have received a spam text and would like to report it to Verizon, you can do this by forwarding the spam text to 7726, this will inform Verizon about the spam text that was sent to you, and they shall investigate the matter.  

Wait for a response – Once you have sent the spam text to the 7726 Verizon number, you will receive a call from them as soon as they are working on the case. There are no charges associated with forwarding the spam text to Verizon, so you can forward them as many spam texts as possible to help fight the scammers.  

What are the most common types of spam texts? 

The first common type of spam text is associated with bank accounts. The spam will ask you to log into your bank account because there has been some issue, and the account has been locked. Once you provide your details on the link sent to your text, the scammers have access to your bank details and can steal a lot of money from you. 

The second type of text spam is to do with winning the lottery. This spam will include any major retailer such as Walmart in their text and tell you that you have won a lottery that the store had organized. You will then be issued a link that will take you to a page where you must fill out your details to claim the lottery. 

Lastly, the spam text will say that you have won a free flight ticket or a holiday, so to claim the prize, you should click on the link provided and submit your personal information. Sometimes the link will also ask you to fill in your bank details, so if you feel like the text is spam, you should do nothing about it and report it to Verizon instead.  

How can you avoid responding to spam texts by mistake?

As we receive many texts from friends and family, it is easy to put your guard down and let the spam texts get to you if you are not careful. The first thing you should do when you receive an unknown text is to check the sender’s identity. If it is an official account from a legitimate company, then you should be safe, and it is not spam. 

Additionally, as spam texts are sent in thousands and in a rush at times, it is possible to spot grammatical errors in the text. If you spot any of these spelling mistakes, you should report the text to the version stated above. 

Therefore, if you would like to report a spam text quickly, you should check whether the number is from an honest company and if it is not long. Sometimes numbers on spam texts appear to be long, which is a giveaway. Also, you can check for grammatical errors to single out the spam texts. 

In conclusion, if you receive a spam text from an unknown number, you can report this text directly to Verizon by texting 7726. Once you have reported the spam text, you will be notified by Verizon when they decide to act on it. It is important to note that your bank will never ask you to fill out your banking information on a separate link. 

Is it possible to block a spam mobile number on my phone? 

You can easily block any number you consider suspicious on your phone. To do this, you should go to your settings and your call or carrier settings. You will then see an option to block a number, all you must do now is enter the number, and you will stop receiving calls or texts.

Is Verizon able to filter spam text?

If you use an android device, Verizon pre installs an app that will reduce the chances of receiving spam calls or texts.