A Reuters report says that’s one of the options that CEO Kaz Hirai is thinking about as a way to cut costs, given that the company continues to bleed money. The latest forecast projects a $1.9 billion loss for the next reporting period due in h. Hirai other executives are working on a revival plan that could include not only getting out of the phone tablet business but also eliminating its popular Bravia televisions. Sony made a similar decision last year, selling off its Vaio personal computer business. If it makes such a move, it would be a disappointing reversal given the extensive number of impressive Android TV-powered televisions other gadgets the company showed off at CES. y this matters: It’s been rough for Sony recently, with its high-profile hacking misadventure with its film, The Interview. On the Android front it’s been making some good phones lately, with indications it was going to make a stronger push for the U.S. market. It would be unfortunate to see another good hardware maker go by the wayside, but the company has a substantial hole to close.