The word is that Sony is instead pushing back its newest phone for a summer launch, part of an effort to dial back the frequency of phone releases give its Z3 more time in the limelight. Another indication this is the plan has been the lack of Xperia Z4 leaks, unlike the flood we’ve had from the HTC One M9. The only buzz has been this tidbit from a Bond movie script a recent Sony FCC filing that piqued some interest, but it appears to be for a mid-range device. Sony also this week announced a “purple diamond” edition of the Z3, though it’s hard to see that gaining much traction. Instead Sony could be opting to slow things down step up its quality software performance. That would be welcome, as we found the Xperia Z3V to be a good do-over from its original model. It was a similar story when we reviewed the Z1S. A pretty good phone, but one that could really knock it out of the park with some extra time polish. The story behind the story: Sony’s mobile division hasn’t been doing all that great lately. The company’s CEO recently talked of selling it off amid disappointing sales. shing the newest Xperia launch back is either an indication of internal turmoil or a conscious decision to slow things down ramp up the quality. ’ll have to keep a close eye on Sony to find out what they’re up to.