One of the main criticisms of Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices has been an uninspired design plastic build, making it feel like a lesser-quality device when compared to the ione. Should the Galaxy pha come to be, it would be a departure from the typical Samsung release cycle which has seen a new variant of the Galaxy S series in the beginning of the year a new Galaxy Note device in the second half. In fact Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S5, just went on sale in April. This device has been in the rumor mill before, previously referred to as the Galaxy S5 ime or Galaxy F. However, this most recent report indicates it would be a completely different phone altogether, separate from the Galaxy series. The leaks show a phone that looks very similar in design, however, to the Galaxy S5 yet with metal casing instead of the traditional plastic. It also has the typical home button found on Galaxy phones tablets. If the report is correct about the August launch it would likely arrive ahead of the next ione, which reports have indicated will appear in September.