The display is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. Most of us end up accessing all the features on the smartphone via the display. Resolutions, aspect ratio, and pixel densities only tell a part of the story. DisplayMate benchmark helps us understand the intricacies and the real reason why a smartphone display is best (or worst.) Samsung’s latest Note 10 Plus display has aced the test and shattered 13 display performance records.

Samsung’s Note series has always been lauded for superlative displays and the Note 10 Plus is no different. Samsung has increased the peak brightness to 1,308 which translates to a 25% increase over its predecessor. Increased display brightness improves outdoor visibility and the ease with which you can read the display. The report also mentions that Infinity-O display on the center takes up only 0.15% of the total display area. Meanwhile, the side bezels are now gone and the flatter design should reduce accidental touch. Furthermore, the display offers a staggering screen-to-body ratio of 92%. Furthermore, the 19:9 aspect ratio ensures that the display area is taller in the portrait mode and wider in the landscape mode. DisplayMate says Samsung Note 10 Plus scores 20/20 Vision at a typical viewing distance of 10 to 18 inches while maintaining a very low screen reflectance of 4.3 percent. As far as color accuracy is concerned, Note 10 Plus scores 0.4 JNCD which means it is visually indistinguishable from perfect. The bottom line, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the best smartphone display so far and has shattered 13 records. This is how Displaymate sums up Note 10 Plus display review: Check out the complete report here. The Galaxy Note10+ has a very impressive Top Tier Smartphone Display with close to Text Book Perfect Calibration Accuracy and Performance that is Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect. Based on our extensive Lab Tests and Measurements the Galaxy Note10+ receives a DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award earning DisplayMate’s highest ever Display Performance Grade of A+ and setting or matching 13 Smartphone Display Performance Records that are listed above.