Apple has made its content ambitions known over recent months, announcing a multi-year partnership with Oprah Winfrey last week. Despite its numerous deals and shows, however, it still remains unclear how Apple will offer its content to consumers…

This weekend, Recode outlines a few anecdotal possibilities for Apple’s content plans, citing those in tune with the Hollywood industry. The report lays out three possibilities for Apple content plans, based on musings within the entertainment industry.

The report says that “some industry observers” think Apple will make some or all of its content available through its existing TV app on iOS and tvOS for free. This coincides with a Bloomberg report that suggested Apple wanted to beef up its TV app, but the idea of offering the content entirely free (perhaps behind advertisements) is puzzling.

Another possibility suggested in the piece is that Apple will offer its video content in a “very big subscription service” that would include Apple Music, as well as services like AppleCare:

Lastly, the report cites “one TV executive who has talked to Apple” and claims that the company intends to offer a standalone subscription service for its TV content “priced below Netflix.” Netflix’s base tier currently costs $11 per month:

These possibilities all make sense in one way or another, but it’s clear that even those in Hollywood are still left guessing as to how Apple plans to disrupt the streaming TV business. Which of these strategies would you want Apple to choose? Let us know down in the comments.