A report from Macerkpof cites sources who claim to know the pricing for the upcoming iPhone lineup. Pricing rumors are always sketchy so take this for what it’s worth, but the site reports that the sources have been reliable in the past. Their pricing indicates that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will cost around $699. The iPhone Xs would be in the $800 range (seemingly taking the spot of the iPhone 8 Plus which retails for $799).

The source pricing is in Euros. It’s not possible to directly convert currencies from the Euro prices, as they will include sales tax and Apple’s international pricing is never directly inline with US pricing either.

These are the prices Macerkopf reports:

  • LCD ‘iPhone 9’: 799 euros

  • iPhone Xs: 909 euro

  • iPhone Xs Max: 1149 euros

If you look at the current German Apple Store, the company sells the iPhone 8 today for 799 euros, the iPhone 8 Plus for 909 euros and the iPhone X for 1149 euros. So using these benchmarks, you can see how the reported pricing would line up in the US.

The iPhone 9 (name still unclear at this point) would approximately cost $699 (current iPhone 8 price), the iPhone Xs would be $799 (current iPhone 8 Plus) and the new 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max would be $999 (taking the spot the iPhone X took last year).

We would then expect the 256 GB SKUs to cost their usual $150 premium. We are also expecting 512 GB configurations for the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhone Xs, so expect another $150 jump up there.

Personally, a $799 starting price for the iPhone Xs seems unrealistic. With the 6.5-inch flagship being the new $999 phone, it makes more sense to me for its smaller sibling to be $899, not $799. Putting the LCD iPhone at $699 gives Apple flexibility, in my opinion, to push base prices of the other models higher. I don’t think it is necessary for Apple to directly replace the iPhone 8 Plus at the $799 price point.

Nobody is going to complain of course if it comes in cheaper though.