A study by Slice Intelligence estimates that Apple recorded 957,000 Apple Watch preorders on Friday in the US, the first day the device was available to order. On average, customers bought 1.3 watches which means that many customers ordered two or more units. The Sport model was the most popular choice, making up 62% of orders. As the Watch debuted in nine countries, it is possible that total orders were much greater than the 1 million number which only totals US orders. Significant supply constraints may have dampened initial orders however.

The most popular model purchased was the Space Grey Sport, followed by the normal stainless steel Apple Watch, then the Silver Sport. The Space Black Apple Watch model captured just 3% of orders although it was in limited supply (4 – 6 weeks) from the beginning of preorders and is also the most expensive model of Apple Watch. The report ignores sales data for the Apple Watch Edition in its calculations.

In terms of accessories, the Black Sport Band was the most popular add-on for both Watch and Sport buyers. The Milanese Loop was surprisingly popular, coming in third for sales behind the White Sport Band.

The report also weighs on MacBook sales, indicating 48,000 units were bought online. The Space Grey variant was the most popular choice. Interestingly, it seems that the 512 GB model was favored over the cheaper 256 GB SKU. 43 percent of MacBook buyers also purchased an Apple Watch, showing Apple’s strength in brand loyalty.

Slice Intelligence’s data is derived from analyzing purchase receipts in email inboxes of over 9,000 shoppers. Usually, Apple would be expected to announce preorder numbers for new products. However, it is uncertain whether Apple will follow the same procedure with the Watch, as it has already reworked its accounting practices to hide Apple Watch sales. Tim Cook said “orders were great” in an interview with CNBC.