With the LG G Watch expected to arrive in the coming months, a new report suggests that the smartwatch could be sold with a non-removable SIM card. The news originates from Korean site iNews24, which has a decent track record with leaks. The report fails to mention if this will be limited to South Korea or other parts of the globe as well. But this move seems to be taken in a bid to compete with Samsung’s Gear Solo smartwatch which is also expected to come with a SIM card enabled. International markets might still receive the G Watch unlocked and without a SIM card, so there’s not much need for concern right now. And that is assuming this report is true, which is yet to be confirmed. Given that conventional wearables rely on Bluetooth for pairing with the primary device, it seems slightly out of the ordinary for manufacturers to pack support for a data enabled SIM card. This could be alarming for the battery life of the smartwatch as well. So perhaps we will see LG introducing two separate variants of the smartwatch at the time of release. Precise details regarding availability is very scarce at the moment, but we expect the company to shed light on that in the days to come.