iGen.fr, who has proved reliable in the past with Apple launch dates, is now claiming that sources informed the site that the new iPhones will launch on the 19th. This is generally to be expected, following historical patterns. Apple traditionally puts new iPhones on sale the Friday the week after the announcement. This year, everyone seems convinced that the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will be on sale then.

The release schedule of the 5.5 inch model is less clear. Some, citing supply constraints, have said that the 5.5 inch model (most recently dubbed the iPhone 6 Plus) will not launch for a couple more months. However, a consensus on this has not really been reached. iGen.fr says that the larger device will in fact launch on September 19th as well and is certainly still a possibility.

It is fair to say that more components have leaked for the 4.7 inch model, leading some reasonable speculation that the 5.5 inch yields are simply not high enough for it to be released at the same time. iGen.fr notes that supply of the 5.5 inch model will probably be constricted, with the 4.7 inch model having much better availability.

Despite iGen.fr’s comments, it is important to note that many sources believe that the 5.5 inch launch will be delayed. KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo most recently said that it does not expect the larger phone to be released until October. Bloomberg has also echoed this sentiment. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.