It was recently discovered that Samsung has shelved the Bixby-powered smart Bluetooth speakers. A new report suggests that the company’s ambitions extend beyond just speakers and that it’s looking to release a new Bluetooth powered smart “earset” with Bixby on board. The report further adds that this earset will be announced alongside the Galaxy Note 8, which will be officially shown off on August 23. Bixby Voice is currently functional only in the U.S. and South Korea, so these rumored earphones will probably be concentrated on these regions first. Samsung will apparently use a “noise blocking technology” to ensure that the outside noise is completely blocked, allowing the callers on the other end to only hear your voice and nothing else. The company is believed to have started testing mono Bluetooth earphones with Bixby voice since early this month. Samsung clearly wants to offer more consumer products with Bixby on board. Although we’re not sure that offering a Bluetooth earpiece is the right way to go, given that mono-Bluetooth earbuds are currently at a decline, save for a bunch of corporate customers. Perhaps this is just one of the projects that the company has in mind pertaining to Bixby. “When Bluetooth earsets for Bixby are released, we expect that they will be a great help in improving convenience level for users who are using our flagship Smartphones,” a Samsung representative said. “Because it is not a model with exact release date, it is difficult for us to disclose any detailed information regarding current process,” the representative added. Samsung is apparently unsure if these earbuds should be bundled with the Galaxy Note 8 or sold separately. In any case, we recommend you to take this report with a pinch of salt, especially since there’s no confirmation coming through. Would you like to see a Bixby-powered Bluetooth headset? Let us know.